There isn't an artist out there that can touch on what AWOLNATION does as a whole.

We don’t think the world holds any other artist or groups right now that can come close to exuding the type of power AWOLNATION consistently brings with each release. It just. doesn’t. quit.

Coming out of the woodwork again last month with its forthcoming LP teaser track “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf),” the act’s now singular focus Aaron Bruno also announced a new album “Run” — with a release date of March 17.

This morning the camp dropped yet another single from the album via Rolling Stone, this time titled “Windows” — a veritable soul energizer so far removed from the mundane and typical in music right now that it damn near knocked us out of our seats and onto the floor to lay with kitties!! Wait, what?

Give it a listen and pre-order “Run” — because there really isn’t any need to wait until more tracks come out to decide to buy it. We know this one will be a release of the year.