Man, good interns these days are hard to find. Moritz, Erhardt, an intern at Bank of America's Merrill Lynch offices in London was a really good intern. Too good. His intern skills were so legendary, in fact,  that he literally worked himself to death.

He was seen pulling three punishing all-nighters in a row, working until 6 AM, grueling hours that are often required of interns at Bank of America's investment banking division. He was found dead in his shower last week, having suffered an apparent seizure. It's unknown whether he was taking any sort of stimulant like Adderall or copious amounts of Red Bull, but he did have epilepsy, which would have made him more susceptible to demise by sleep deprivation.

Ironically, employees in countries with shorter working hours are more productive at work. People in Germany and France work less, but do more. Britain, where Moritz was, has longer working hours, which are often filled with less productive work, like slowly killing yourself by not sleeping.

In response to Moritz's untimely death, career advice group FinanceInterns dissed Bank of America's insanely intense culture by saying,

Young people who jubilantly accept a summer internship thinking they’ve landed a chance at their dream job, find themselves declaring that, what should have been a summer full of hope, is in fact the ‘worst three months’ of their lives due to the exhausting combination of all-nighters, weekend work and the magic roundabout…In the toughest job-market experienced in recent times, competition is even higher. Consequently these talented, diligent, young people are ever more willing to work hours which more senior staff would not.

…So, with that said, we're just going to use this opportunity to say this: Speaking of interns, we're hiring them! (Too soon?)

Are you a talented, diligent young person who is ever-willing to do things that our senior staff won't? Excellent. You won't make nearly as much money as the kiddos at Bank of America, but you also won't die.

We have a ping pong table…Just putting that out there.

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