To the dismay of a select few, and to the complete lack of surprise to a large populous that couldn’t really care one way or the other, paintings that were created by popular stree artist, Banksy were defaced and painted over on the east coast of England last week.

Several new pieces created by Banksy, perhaps England’s most well-known anonymous street artist, were vandalized on Saturday, once again confirming your suspicions that the world does get a little bit shittier every single day.

The series of Banksy’s newest works entitled “A Great British Spraycation,” could consequently also be the name of the newest category on Pornhub.

The series, featuring 10 pieces in total, showcase a variety of subjects, from arcade-style machine claws to couples dancing to a rat lounging in a chair.

To the chagrin of maybe not a ton of people but definitely more than a few, the rat lounging in a chair was covered up with white paint at some point on Saturday.

It would appear that the hard work of one of the 21st century’s most genius and prodigal artists has once again gone underhyped and underappreciated, kind of like how I feel when my father reads my articles.

Many England residents were upset by the recent defacement.

“It’s not every day that Banksy comes and does artwork in our town. We should embrace it, not destroy it,” one woman told BBC News.

Others, however, weren’t as impressed with the newest series of art.

“All of his artwork draws on blindingly obvious themes,” wrote a Norwich reporter in an opinion piece entitled “Who cares if Banksy came to town? He’s rubbish anyway” reminding you once again that, yeah, British people actually talk like that.

In 2018, Bansky had a painting shred itself after it was bought in an auction for $1.4 million, in what was arguably the greatest “fuck you” to rich shmucks with too much money since I told my parents I was dropping out of high school.

Meanwhile, suspicions are growing as to whether Banksy visited America as crudely drawn genitalia and misspelled swear words pop up on middle school desks and lockers across the country.

If Banksy is indeed behind the growing collection, they have yet to take credit for it.