We can’t decide which is worse. The ol’ “Do you know who I am” bit, or “Do you know who HE is” counterpart. Either one of those statements oozes out the douche, no doubt, but yesterday a writer for Fox Sports took it to an even douchier extreme.

Apparently during the Orange Bowl on Saturday some basketball player known as LeBron James asked for an alcoholic drink in an Orlando establishment. Following rules and, you know, the law – the bartender asked to see his ID. James wasn’t all that put-off by simple standard procedure, but remarked to his server, “Look at my beard!”

Maybe he just doesn’t judge age by facial locks, Bron Bron. But, they also care enough about their job that they’re not going to risk it because of your inflated sense of self-worth. We’ve seen 17 year olds with what looks like wolverines nailed to their chin – so don’t pull the beard game. Just show your ID and move on.

And he did. But Miami sports writers were furious.

We don’t even know who that guy is, nor really care, but apparently Andy Nesbitt did. He’s a journalist over at everyone’s favorite media enterprise, Fox Sports News; and had a few words to say about the completely normal and legal transaction that occurred.

The bartender asked for his ID. Yup, that happened. Forget the fact about his age. How did the bartender not recognize one of the biggest superstars on the planet?


And yes, this is an actual screen shot from the actual story posted to Fox Sports news. We repeat…news.