Toxic Zombie Pale is a face-melting brew so metal that it’s not a question of if this brew will turn you into a zombie it’s when. And, you’ll be pleased to know, the transition is nowhere near as horrific as the movies makes it seem.

Black Sky Brewery  – Toxic Zombie Pale

5.4 ABV, 27 IBU

Color: Opaque, amber brown.
Aroma: Roasty with a twinge of woody hops.
Taste:  Dark, almost sweet, malt flavors ooze around your tongue, and when the carbonation starts popping an earthy hop blanket settles in for the long haul.
Mouth Feel: Smooth and lingering.

Every once in a while you order a beer just because of its name. They're most often novelties, made because the brewers came up with a killer name first, but the beer struggles to live up to it. Toxic Zombie Pale, however, is a brew with a killer name and a taste like an infectious disease that gives you an insatiable craving that’s impossible to cure. You’ll be groaning “Beeeeeeerrrrrr” in the middle of the night as you sleepwalk to the bar.

Drinking Toxic Zombie Pale is like being bit by a zombie. At first you’re thinking, “This is nice and roasty, maybe even a little sweet,” then, right when you think everything is going to be OK, bold hops take over your palate and stay there. Soon you’re experiencing ticks. Your tongue starts twitching, and then ahahkhskks ahakkk ahhahahakk. You’re a zombie dude! You’re sitting there with this blanket of dark flavors on your tongue thinking, “Even though I’m undead, being a zombie isn’t all bad.” The only thing you have to worry about is getting your hands on some brains (or more beer), and not getting your head chopped off (or spilling your beer).  It’s actually pretty pleasant way to live…um un-live?

With the robust flavors of the roasty malt and bitter hops, you’d expect this beer to be overwhelming. But the way this brew transitions from easy drinking to, “oh fuck there’s hops in here,” make this a very well-balanced Pale that you’d be able to sip until they find some sort of a cure for your new affliction. Thankfully that won’t be any time soon, because once the zombies start, that shit can’t be un-done.