For a beer that is as Colorado as it gets, you can either drink this or take a hike. Either way, you'll feel awesome afterwards. 

Fort Collins Brewery – Rocky Mountain IPA

ABV – 6.2%
IBU – 81

Color: opaque gold
Aroma: fresh hops and sharp citrus notes, with bitter earthy hops tied in for fun. 
Taste: floral hops hit your tongue right off the bat. As the caramel malt goes down, the hops get bitter and the party finally starts. 
Mouth Feel: smooth and creamy then those hops dig their heels in and, motherfucker, that's one well-balanced IPA

Colorado's beer scene is a lot of things, and currently it's hard to go a bar without being asked, "Do you even IPA, bro?"  IPAs are amazing, but they take a bit of palate conditioning to fully appreciate. And while a handful of breweries are daring you to drink their imperial, triple-dry-hopped, IPA that's infused with hop oil and garnished with a fresh cone, other breweries want you to have a better experience. With FCB's Rocky Mountain IPA, it's all about a smooth, enjoyable beer that you don't have to choke down half of before you're drunk enough to decide that you could probably have a few. 

The Rocky Mountain IPA has all the pungent aromatic hops that you’d expect in an IPA. Their fresh flavors pop off the smooth, caramelly malt backbone. Just as you're enjoying the sweet and tart flavor, the hops transform into something bitter and earthy. You get them at the beginning and end, but the flavors are all different and really show off what hops can do. You need this kind of IPA in your line up: one that’s drinkable but also punches that special part on your tongue reserved for hops and the finer things in life.  

This beer is kind of like hiking a 14er, you're in Colorado so you have to do it at least once. The beer starts out fresh and exciting like the feeling of jumping out of the car at the trailhead. You think,"Wow this is beautiful, all these great mountain smells make me want to be a better person." But then as your hike progresses you start wondering what you got yourself into. This is a little more work than the beer you chugged this morning.  The onslaught of fresh and bitter hops makes this beer so good but it also makes it difficult for some to drink. Just like what makes the hike memorable is that you're suffering up an incline but when all is said and done, you're literally on top of the world. This beer is great, it's a drinkable IPA that you could share with your friends, even if they say they don't like hops.

You know they're wrong, we know they're wrong, now you can finally to show them.