When you need a beer that's sure to please every outlaw included in your backyard shenanigans, look no further than a Hideout Helles. 

Pug Ryan’s Brewing Company
Dillon, Colorado
Hideout Helles Lager 6.9 ABV

Color: Clear, light amber.
Aroma: Sweet, bready malt with a slight citrus tang. 
Taste: Roasty sweet malt flavor with a light hint of floral hops, and a subtle yeasty after burn. 
Mouth feel: Smooth as shit, it’s like silk on the tongue.

Picking out a beer that will please everyone in your posse is kinda hard to do. You've got those asshole hopheads that always show up, and then those sissy, light beer drinkers who cringe at the smell of lupulin. What's the party sheriff to do? Take it from me, grab a six-er of Hideout Helles.

This beer is extremely drinkable and has something for everyone. It starts out sweet and roasty, and as those flavors melt away there's a bright, crisp punch of floral hops, that wash away just as fast as they came. It won't send your beer-wuss friends running for the hills, and it will appease your hoppy-homies long enough to help you finish off the hot dogs you expertly burned to shit.  

A Helles is a German-style lager that actually means, "light." Hideout Helles certainly fits the bill. Pug Ryan's isn't trying to do anything weird or fancy, they just brewed a malty, lightly hopped beer that delights all the senses. The flavors are familiar, so even though I’ve never had this beer before, I feel as though I’ve drank them a million times over, and what's better than a beer you feel just as comfortable sipping as chugging?

As the alcohol makes it's way across my blood-brain barrier,  I feel like maybe I should have grabbed a couple more six-packs of this because it's apparent that this beer was "brewed for the outlaw in all of us." It's turned my posse into beer bandits, and now there's going to be a standoff at high-noon to decide who gets the last can.