So many beer-pong products, so little time …

First it was the Hexcup, then it was the Pong-Caddie, now a few other bros are attempting to capitalize on the never-dying beer-pong trend with Beeramid — a completely new way to play the same old tired game.

What it is, is multiple pedestals that sneak themselves between cups to provide for more targets during play. The stands are rigged with slip-proof bottoms and tip-proof stands that can be easily re-racked with each sunken shot. The Kickstarter page is currently live, and is about 50 percent of the way to its $17k goal. 

"People say it's a good mix of change, while still keeping the core concepts of beer pong," creator Adrian Cox tells Thrillist. "You can still bounce, re-rack and make your own house rules. If I had to put a number on it, I would say it has a 85% approval rating and that's not just with friends. We have been taking The Beeramid to bars in San Francisco to see how they like it. The other 15% are beer pong purists and people that don't enjoy drinking games."