Genius. Absolutely genius. It turns out rednecks can do more than just make moonshine, eat ranch corn nuts and knock up a sibling or two.  A petition on is pushing to outfit members of the Senate and House to wear patches similar to NASCAR drivers identifying who they have received financial support from. The petition has already picked up 21,000 signatures since its inception on March 19

The full petition, written by "J.S." of St. Louis a week ago, reads:
"Since most politicians' campaigns are largely funded by wealthy companies and individuals, it would give voters a better sense of who the candidate they are voting for is actually representing if the company's logo, or individual's name, was prominently displayed upon the candidate's clothing at all public appearances and campaign events. Once elected, the candidate would be required to continue to wear those "sponsor's" [sic] names during all official duties and visits to constituents. The size of a logo or name would vary with the size of a donation. For example, a $1 million dollar contribution would warrant a patch of about 4" by 8" on the chest, while a free meal from a lobbyist would be represented by a quarter-sized button. Individual donations under $1000 are exempt."

Obama would wear a large Microsoft patch, Boehner an AT&T patch and of course Paul Ryan would have a P90X patch on the breast of his suit because he'd cut the fucking sleeves off.