We're not scared. We always sleep with the lights on. 

So now that "Making a Murderer" is depressingly over, we need a new docu-drama to really make us feel uncomfortable. 

And now we've got it. Anyone who has been on the Internet knows about "the Slenderman," which started as a bad photoshop job and basically morphed into a scary-ass, pseudo-real meme that urges people to kill. This is the first "photo" of him, along with a caption that the kids were never seen again. Pretty silly, right? 

Except that the documentary follows two girls arrested for following Slenderman's orders. 

The film is an account of the highly-publicized yet tragic true story of Morgan G. and Anissa W., two Wisconsin honor students who stabbed their friend Payton "Bella" Leutner 19 times in the woods the morning after a slumber party.

They spent huge amounts of time researching everything they could about Slenderman, largely on Creepypasta, a site where the Internet tries to scare the crap out of each other. 

"We wanted to look at the question of whether they are adults or children in the eyes of the law, and how much we as Americans want to hold our children responsible for things,” director Irene Taylor Brodsky told attendees, following the screening. "As we see in the film, that is not an easy question to answer."

Elaborating on the Internet legend itself, the director's account of delving into the meme's rise is chilling.

"I quickly realized that Slenderman is not just one thing, nor was he one medium," said Taylor Brodsky. "There was something about him right away that — although I could see the Photoshop and where he seemed ‘fake’ — there was also something that was very authentic. He was reflection of all of the user-generated feedback of the Internet."

Wanna get freaked out a little more? Here's some video evidence of the Slenderman. 

Fuck, right? The documentary debuts later this year. Good luck sleeping.