The stakes are high, with competitors battling it out for a chance to represent the USA at the International Air Guitar Championship in Finland. Meet a colorful cast of air guitar enthusiasts, including the flamboyant Airry Styles, the hair-metal legend Fret Michaels, the rebellious Billy Neal Armstrong, and the electrifying Kiki Pink. Experience their outrageous performances and witness the camaraderie behind the scenes. But the real fun begins when Brad steps onto the stage himself. Armed with an imaginary instrument and a dose of comedic flair, he delivers an air-fueled performance that will be remembered for years to come. Will his unconventional style impress the judges and earn him a shot at the International Championship? Join the laughter, cheer, and rock ‘n’ roll mayhem in this uproarious episode of Big Brad World. Get ready for a wild ride as Brad embraces the absurdity of air guitar and competes alongside the best in the business. Don’t miss the unforgettable moments as Brad brings the house down with his comedic air guitar prowess!