In the world of Rock and Roll making it “Big in Japan” is a badge of underground honor. Flying east over the Pacific, to make a splash in the neon spangled archipelago of hentai and sushi is a rite of passage for many rock bands (particularly glam rock bands) — who often attain stardom over there, before they’re ever recognized in their own country.

The Kinks, Slade, Rainbow, The Runaways, and Marillion are just a few of the many who have made it “Big in Japan.” And now, in admiration of that time-honored celebrity tradition, the Rock and Roll themed New York brewery, SingleCut Beersmiths, is paying homage with a hot new lineup of gamified cans. A lineup that’s going to put your knowledge of Big in Japan bands to the test…


Let me explain:

The Big in Japan IPA’s can art is like a code — like a game of “name that tune” built onto the beer can. Hidden within each of the four different Big in Japan IPA cans are clues and visual lyrics that offer hints as to which legendary Big in Japan rock and roll song the image was designed after. Some of the hints represent lyrics, others indicate signature clothes or instruments the band wore/played.

And the beer itself, is pretty damn good, too. 

Big in Japan

When you think you’ve got the right answer, you can check to see how thorough your Big in Japan band knowledge is. Simply scan the QR code (embedded in each of the can art images) and the your smartphone will take you to straight to the song song on Spotify. From there, proceed to rock the fuck out. 

big in Japan

The Toronto-based agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo created the integrated can-paign for SingleCut Beersmiths, and they launched it with a slew of Instagram stories for targeted audiences in both Toronto and New York.

And, of course, they launched in Tokyo as well. Japan’s craft beer scene is blowing up right now, so it only makes sense that a beer like Big in Japan is going to be… well, big in Japan.

This is an innovative new approach to can-designs. Until now, cans have just been pretty things to look at, but they're becoming a form of entertainment in and of themselves. 

So, if you're looking for a full bodied IPA to sip on with a little entertainment on the side, go grab a can of Big in Japan and get ready to get down to some of Japan's favorite rock and roll music.