By day, he’s a computer programmer in Singapore, but by night he lives another life. Armed with his Olympus EM1M2 & 60MM camera, his self-designed Ini flash diffuser and keen eye for creepie crawlies, Madhan Kumar becomes a macro-insect-portrait-photographer — getting up close and very personal with his pancrustacean subjects.

The result is flat out terrifying. Or beautiful. Or is it shocking? Or fascinating? It’s hard to say. Probably a little of all of those depending on who you are. Some of his macro shots of butterflies, moths, or lizards will draw you in with wonder, hypnotizing you with the amazing details of Mother Nature’s weirdest creations. Other shots Madhan takes, of centipedes, spiders and scorpions will give you uneasy goosebumps and make your gut pucker.

Personally, though, Madhan says he loves the creatures he photographs (spiders in particular). They’re part of his passion — part of his second life and love as a macro-photographer.

“Photography is a diverse world with immense scope. Yet I prefer to explore a less opted genre,” he says. “The astounding beauty of the unnoticed world around me mesmerizes me [more than] anything.”

And it mesmerizes others too. He’s showing these minute lifeforms off in an more intimate and magnified manner than most have ever seen — and people are eating his insect portraits up.

Instagram: @madhanclickz