Meet The Costa Sisters, Elena & Sofia. Two of the baddest babes in the biz known for breaking the rules and doing things their own way. Born and raised in Wales, UK- these ladies live for adventure and document their wild road trips around the world with their cameras. They created a cult-like following when they shook up the wedding world by saying ‘f*ck tradition’! and filming weddings like they were music videos, complete with lots of rock & roll, dancing, tequila shots and making out. You can also catch these talented two shooting motorcycle events, tattoo conventions, hosting workshops, speaking at events and traveling the globe checking off their epic bucket lists – wanderlust doesn’t even begin to cover it! These sisters/ bad asses / besties are killing the “Girl Boss” game like no others and they’re enjoying every bit of it.

Instagram: @thecostasisters


Penarth, Wales, UK. We grew up in a seaside town, where it feels like everyone is over the age of 60! This is probably why we have such an impulsive urge to get out and explore more of the world haha

First thing you do in the morning?

Elena: Take my Boxer Zorro out to pee.

Sofia: Debrief my entire dream to my boyfriend. I promise they’re interesting!! I have an incredibly wild imagination haha.

What would your theme song be?

Kiss, I was made for lovin’ you baby!

Pizza or Burgers?

Elena: Dirty, dirty burgers, all day long.

Sofia: Both. My favourite burger ever is called ‘the pizza boy’ which is a merge of pizza and burger and what’s better than that?!

Any hidden talents?

Elena: I’m a pro at axe throwing!

Sofia: I can speak simlish. I swear I dedicated a decade of my life to The Sims.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Sofia: Our dad forever telling us “There’s nothing you can’t do.” Growing up, whenever we thought we couldn’t do something; our dad always used to say there’s no such thing as “you can’t” – “you won’t” to make us believe we can do anything we want in life, because there’s nothing we can’t do.

Elena: That it’s better to be someone’s shot of whiskey than to be everyone’s cup of tea. Embrace who you are and roll with it!

How would you describe your work and how long have you been doing this?

For the whole 10 years we’ve been doing this we’ve always struggled with how to describe our work style! In a nutshell we turn weddings into music videos. The thing we love most about our work is that it’s not for everyone! We attract the rough and rugged, who fu@k traditions and do things their own way.

How did you get into photography/videography as a career?

Growing up, we were obsessed with movies, we were forever rewatching & quoting our favourite scenes. I guess we’ve both always had an instinctive pull towards cameras, we’d direct our friends in home movies, write scripts, play our own characters. That later changed into documenting and editing adventures or holidays. Around a decade ago we saw a badass wedding video that went viral on Tumblr, and we didn’t know such “cool wedding” videos existed. We were determined to bring that Americana style to the UK, so we worked on building our niche from the ground up and we couldn’t dream of doing anything else!

What is your favorite subject matter to shoot?

Elena: I love pointing my camera at sexy customised choppersssss. Motorbike events are my absolute favourite to shoot.

Sofia: Humans in love. Bonus if it’s in the desert.

How do you bring out the best in your clients to get such fun and energetic footage?

I think, because we attract “our” kinds of people, there’s already a bonus that we’re gonna GET each other. There is a friendship brewing at every inquiry haha.

That and, I’d say we don’t take anything too seriously behind the camera, we let loose, act like idiots and somehow it helps people feel like they can be themselves in front of the camera! We always say it’s our special powers to make people feel comfortable!

You’re best known for a very rock & roll, Americana vibe – how has your style developed over the years?

Sometimes it feels like our style is constantly changing, whilst keeping the same roots. I think our work will always be influenced by what we’re loving at the time, so it’s natural for your work to shift over time. Our work grows with us. Movies and music have a huge play in our style too, so it depends what mood we’re in. Every project surprises us because we never know where it’s gonna take us.

Your work has allowed you to travel all over the globe, what have been some of your most memorable locations?

Nothing makes us happier than exploring a new place. We always come back from trips bursting with creativity and inspiration! We’re total nerds for Tarantino! So when we’re in the states we always try to fit in a little movie set location. We’ve been to so many, the Kill Bill chapel and the diner from True Romance we’re pretty surreal to see!

What sets your souls on fire?

Traveling for sure. Meeting the locals and following their recommendations on what to see and eat!

What have been some of your biggest challenges in your industry?

We used to struggle a lot with people who couldn’t accept new visions in the wedding world. It was hard to break the traditional stigma of wedding videos. When we started, there wasn’t really anyone doing anything “different” in our industry. So I think we took a lot of people by surprise at the time, positively and negatively! We quickly learned that the right people loved us and that’s all that mattered!

What has been your proudest accomplishment so far?

We were both pretty psyched to work on CKY’s official music video ‘Head for a breakdown’, we’ve loved the band since we were teenagers so it was a pretty big deal for us to not only work with them so spontaneously but to see our work being played on Kerrang!

What next on the bucket list for The Costa Sisters?

We’ve been dying to visit Nashville and New Orleans, so hoping 2023 will take us on a little musical adventure!