Meet The Daters


Hometown: Fort Collins, CO

Age: 30

Current job: Supervisor for a custodial group.

Zodiac sign: Libra.

Favorite color: Charcoal grey.

First concert: My Chemical Romance.

Favorite music genre: Electronic.

Favorite junk food? Do buffalo wings count?

What’s your type: I guess spunky? I don’t really have a type.

Deal breakers: I can’t think of any.

My friends would describe me as: Loud. I like to laugh a lot and have a good time.

Guilty pleasure: 4/20 friendly.

Celebrity crush: Scarlett Johansson

Crazy dating stories: One time I took a girl camping and she got so drunk that she pissed all over the air mattress and got everything in the tent wet.

What's your least favorite animal? I love animals. How can you answer that? Does a mosquito count?

Would you let your parents pick a date for you? Yeah, my mom has pretty good taste.



Hometown: Loveland, CO

Age: 27

Current job: Admin at an infertility clinic.

Zodiac sign: Pisces.

Favorite color: Purple.

First concert: Ziggy Marley and 311.

Favorite music genre: Electronic.

Favorite junk food: Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles.

What’s your type: Outdoorsy, fun, down to plan everything.

Deal breakers: Infidelity and lying, 100%.

My friends would describe me as: Wild, outgoing, always down.

Guilty pleasure: The Office.

Celebrity crush: Harry Styles, baby!

It’s Friday Night, where can we find you? Probably at the local bar with my friends seeing our favorite bartenders.

What’s your least favorite animal? Geese or cows.

Most embarrassing moment? I was walking up the stairs at CU and I tripped and dropped everything. I started laughing and nobody was laughing with me.

Would you ever let your parents pick a date for you? Ummm… they would have totally different types and give me too much anxiety… so, no.


Round 1

What's the saying: tequila makes the heart grow fonder? No? Oh well. Our daters get introduced over margaritas before we take them aside to see how things are going.


Describe your dating life in three words:

M: What a joke.

J: Has been scarce.


Have you ever been on a blind date before?

M: No, not this blind that’s for sure.

J: No, I have not.

Where do you usually meet potential partners?

M: Before Covid – bars, living my life. Now – it’s through friends or dating websites (which never end up great).

J: Usually at shows or concerts.


What’s your pickup strategy?

M: I love a good power move by buying the guy a drink. I think that’s so fun.

J: Cheesy pick up lines.


What were you thinking before your Rooster Blind Date?

M: I hate my friends, but I also thought I love my friends because I would never do this by myself.

J: I was a little nervous.


Did your friends give you any advice before the date?

M: Yes – don’t take too many shots!

J: Just be myself and have fun.


What are you looking for with a partner?

M: Somebody who is spontaneous, likes to plan things, and someone who makes me go out of my comfort zone.

J: Someone to have fun with – you just click and have that connection.


What does your ideal date look like?

M: I would love to do something outdoorsy, but definitely not plan it. Then we would go to a brewery somewhere and then hit up another bar afterwards.

J: Picnic and paddle boarding.


How are the first impressions?

M: I think he’s very sweet and he’s so good at starting conversations. I think he might be just as nervous as I am.

J: Maggie is really nice and seems like a fun girl. I feel like we have some stuff in common.


Are you attracted to your date?

M: I think as the night goes by, definitely more and more. He keeps getting funnier and I love funny.

J: Yes.


When you saw your date, what was the first thing that went through your mind?

M: A little nerdy and I like nerdy.

J: She has a gorgeous smile.

Round 2

The date is just getting started and things could get spicy, much like the chips and salsa. Once they've finished dinner, we pull them aside again to see how things are going once the nerves have calmed.

How’s it going overall?

M: I think he could be someone else’s golden star. I think he is so fun, so cute. I just don’t have that connection that everyone talks about.

J: I think it’s going really well.


What are you two talking about?

M: We were last talking about Baby Yoda, aka Grogu, in The Mandalorian! Nothing juicy – I wish though.

J: Everything! Life, our families, siblings, work, outside of work activities, where we see ourselves, etc.


When was your last relationship?

M: My true last relationship was 2017, but I guess I had a fling 8 or 9 months ago.

J: 4 years ago.


What’s something interesting or unique about themselves that your date has shared with you?

M:  He used to be a swimmer and I used to be a swimmer. You can’t understand the swimmer culture until you're in it, so it’s cool to meet another swimmer!

J: She went to CU, but her brother is a CSU fan and so am I – so there’s a fun rivalry there.


On a scale of 0-5 how is the chemistry?

M: Umm.. a 2.  I think he’s amazing, I just don’t think he’s my person.

J: 4.. 4 being good, right?


Do you have any major similarities or differences?

M: A ton of similarities! We both like The Mandalorian and our swimming history.

J: We both played a lot of sports, like music quite a bit, active people, animal lovers. No differences really.


How was dinner?  What did you get?

M: Oh. My. God! The cheese enchiladas were amazing and I love being outside!

J: Dinner was good and the food was excellent. Don’t order the large marg! 😉


Is Rincon Del Sol a good spot for a date?

M: I think it’s honestly a great place for a date! Way less pressure than the hipster dipster Pearl Street places. I think it’s definitely a chill ass bar.

J: Yes, this is. I have not been here before.


Would you go on another date with each other?

M: No, I just don’t feel like he’s my type. I think he’s amazing and SO fun, but not quite my type.

J: I would.


Where do you want the rest of the night to go?

M: I’m hoping as friends, but I won’t be giving my number out.

J: I could stay drinking a bit more and talking a bit, but we both discussed we have early mornings.


Are you hoping for a goodbye kiss?

M: No – COVID, geez!

J: Shh…. Yeah.

Round 3

The second round was rough, not going to lie. But maybe if we order them another round of margaritas and set them on their way, things could bounce back. The next day, we call to ask how things ended.


What happened after Rooster left?

M: I got picked up by my friends and went home.

J: I just made sure her ride got her home safely.


Did Rooster find a match?

M: No, but it was so fun to meet someone new and have a fun conversation.

J: I had a fun time, but no I don’t see it as a match.


Was there a goodbye kiss?

M: No kiss.

J: No.


How about a second date?

M: No. No second date.

J: There will not be a second date, but it was still a fun time.


Overall, how was it?

M: It was a blast! He was funny and easy to talk to. We ordered great food, too!

J: Overall, still a fun time.


Do you have any advice for future Blind Daters?

M: Just go for it! It’s so fun to meet new people.

J: Just be yourself, you have nothing to lose.


Do you have any regrets from last night?

M: No regrets!

J: No regrets, really.


What’s next in your dating life?

M: I’m not sure! But I’m willing to see!

J: Who knows. You never find love when you’re looking for it, it just happens.


Is there anything you want to end with?

M: Just thank you to Rooster, Alec, and Regan for hosting such a fun night! It was a great experience!

J: Even though it didn’t end in a second date, it is still oddly a confidence booster. As a shy person, I think it helped me to learn to put myself out there more.


It turns out tequila does not make the heart grow fonder, it just makes the bathroom breaks longer. The daters might not have found a match tonight but that doesn't mean we're not still looking to find love for beautiful souls. There's love in the air, we can feel it!


Are you tired of online dating? Do you like free food and drinks? If you are 21 or older, then you may be entitled to a Rooster Blind Date!

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