Bootsy who? We jest, we jest – because we know who the hell Bootsy Collins is. He’s been mastering funk before funk was even funk. He personifies funk. He is funk.

But we know him because we’re a little older and have had the opportunity to experiment with mind-altering goof strains. Generally, those experiments involved afternoons sunken into the couch with George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic oozing out of the speakers, contemplating the correlation of current topography and our own objective existence. That and who the hell’s turn it was to go get Taco Bell. Ro-Sham-Bo man, it’s the only way.

Kids though? Kids may not have one iota of a clue who Bootsy Collins is – so throwing him into the recent release by Sports Illustrated for Kids is interesting. It’s a holiday melody written specifically for Peyton Manning and how superior he is to everything else in the history of the game of football. But Bootsy does look like a raver’s contemporary, so it could just be that he’s worn his accouterments for so long that they’re now back in style.

Honestly, what the hell do we care, it’s Peyton “PFM” Manning and it’s the holidays. Here’s to the Lombardi Trophy coming back to Denver!