If you "like" this, you're definitely part of the problem …

Right now we loathe close to 2.6 million of you people out there in the Internet world for one simple reason: You felt it necessary to “like” an otherwise mundane photo from Kendall Jenner — a Kardashian byproduct — to make it the most popular photo on Instagram … ever.

Let’s all get this straight … to be more influential on this planet than say: someone who spends a majority of their lives as a political prisoner for the betterment of civilization … or who overcame debilitating odds to sneak into a slot of inspiration for others … or to be the first non-white president of the United States of America … or whatever … one just needs to be born into Hollywood royalty and do nothing — absolutely nothing — other than lie on his or her back (much like Kendall’s sister) and let themselves be Photoshopped to no end, thereby shifting the thread of perceptual reality for all of us?

The hell is wrong with the world?

Sure, the photo is alright and lends itself a little bit of artistic credibility — but in a time where “likes” are as good as gold, maybe we should think of them more as intelligent currency and use them for a push towards progress and not just to make a shitty family more shitty money. It’s a good thought, no?

To bring everyone who likely doesn't give a rat's ass up to speed: Kendall Jenner recently knocked off her sister and brother in law's record of "most Instagram likes ever" to claim top honors with more than 2-and-a-half million clicks. Yes, this is news, and this is the situation we live in right now. Fun, right?

Now go do something productive and go follow The Rooster’s Instagram account and like the ever-loving hell out of our stuff … because why not?


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