Brothers Anaiah and Mikaiah will be what saves rock and roll in the near future.

The Bots will be one of the few bands to save rock and roll in the near future.

Brothers Anaiah and Mikaiah Lei recorded their first album together before either of them could even drive and have since supported monster acts the likes of Blur, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bad Brains and countless others in a rapid climb to the top of their game. Their most recent album, “Pink Palms,” is — quite honestly — the most underrated album of 2014. It should have been everywhere. It needs to go everywhere.

One of the singles from the album recently got a bizarre video treatment from director and "The Walking Dead" actor Norman Reedus. He told FADER (the label on which The Bots are on): “Love those dudes. They were up for anything and we kinda worked on the fly coming up with things as we went along and they had such good ideas. I'm a fan."

Watch. Learn. Repeat. Buy Album.