A quick flick of the fingers on our keyboards has revealed that Boulder is the best place to move to for a new job.

Sometimes, to nullify the stagnancy of office life, we Google other places to live. We're not serious about moving, but we want to know where we could ostensibly move that wouldn't blow. Ordinarily, we'd expect our buddy Google to suggest places like "New York City" and "Austin" to us because of the job markets, but lo and behold, Google has betrayed us.

Google has suggested that we relocate to … Boulder.

According to an all-knowing property management site suggested to us by Google, Boulder is the #1 city for relocation at the moment.

The site, Lincoln Property Company, really doesn't know Boulder, but wanted to make a list that people would share thus building traffic numbers. Listen to them try to explain why people should move to Boulder:

1. Boulder, Colorado. Get outdoors and explore the offerings of Boulder! Endless biking and hiking trails keep this city in shape, boasting some of the most in shape residents in America. After your outdoor adventures, go home, walk your dog, and treat yourself with a craft beer.

Didja guys hear that? Boulder is the best city to relocate to, because you can use craft beer as a motivational reward system … As if drinking anything other than a beer brewed with the yeast of a local aura shaman's beard constitutes self-punishment. It also seems that Boulder's allure derives in part from the fact that you can "go home" after your "outdoor activities." Truly America's greatest natural wonder!

We're sure this ranking has nothing to do with the fact that, as we speak, Boulder is being remodeled into the country's largest Google campus, where thousands of Google employees will themselves relocate to with the hopes that they too can get in on the "cool biking culture" and "rich quinoa nightlife" the city has to offer.

We'll leave you with this … Maybe you can hang it above your bed at night to remind yourself what a truly special snowflake you are.