Finally, our "bad" habits are vindicated!

There hasn’t been much the general public has scoffed at to get any of us around here to change our ego-centered habits — things like taking up two seats on the bus, not returning library books in a timely fashion, or more importantly, drinking breakfast out of cans. Beer cans. With beer in them …

And we knew we weren’t alone in this cruel world of ours. Because lately we’re being vindicated by the onslaught of breakfast beers coming out of the craft beer world. No one says you have to wait until 5:00 anymore …

One we're skeptical of is called the HefeWheaties, a collabo between General Mills and Fulton Beers — both Minneapolis, MN-based companies. A first of its kind partnership between the gigantic cereal company and an alcohol company since its start in the 1920s, the beer is said to not even taste like the cereal, which is a bummer in itself, but the can looks like something appropriate for a morning mind adventure. While it may have taken almost a hundred years to get the cereal company to co-sign on booze, we think the old farts may be on to something at last.

Next on the list of morning delicacies is from a company called 21st Amendment. To commemorate its move into a new brewery (a former Kellogg’s factory), the San Franciscoianan brewery is busy throwing down a refreshing Pop-Tart themed brew called the Toaster Pastry. Unlike the HefeWheaties, this brew actually tries to mimic the flavor of Pop-Tarts with a nutty, crustlike flavor and a mock strawberry jam after effect.


Local breweries are getting down on the action, too. Just yesterday black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins cracked open its Cerealiously Count Chocula delight — a beer sopped in the chocolatey children’s cereal (read: adults, too), which will likely be a crowd favorite when it makes its way in to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver next month.

Wake up, bottoms up!

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