We’ll take a small part of the blame for the way we feel right now because like most warm-blooded Americans we can never resist a weekend full of relatively balmy conditions and a hard-lemonade filled Sunday complete with heated debates over who the bigger complainers are: Olympic athletes or musicians? Here’s a hint; it’s a tie.

So today rather than let our head do all the pounding, we decided to up our game a bit in the office playlist department. Nothing gets our pants on one-leg-at-a-time more than a revisit to our teenage angst. Such glory was had in those times absent of adult problems and Olympic themed caucuses. It was a time to let the fucking dogs out and flip off each and every one of them as they ran astray.

One of those head thrashing melodies that helped get us dressed this morning is by one time Denver-local act Breathe Carolina and features Asking Alexandria’s frontman Danny Worsnop. ”Sellouts” represents a blatant disregard for the proverbial haters in each of the musician’s lives and follows a dark and heavy tone through Worsnop’s blistering vocals and the backend work of the new faces of Breathe Carolina since their lineup change last year.

F the F-ing haters and F all the F-ing Mondays. Namaste.