This probably won't help his case … 

Everyone has seen "Making a Murderer," and unless you're one of about five cops in Wisconsin, you think that Brendan Dassey is a very simple man who loves Wrestlemania — and definitely didn't murder anyone.  Watching his police interviews are absolutely brutal, and now the poor bastard is serving a life sentence for murder. Not cool. 

But musicians have been coming to his aid. First was Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys who released a sweet track inspired by the series. 

Now, Brendan's brother released a Christian rap song to support the wrongly accused. It's slightly less good than Dan's work. 

We've never, ever heard a Christian rap song that didn't make us shake our heads, and the score still remains at zero. 

Here are some of our favorite, most hard-hitting lyrics:

Ran to Minnesota, give the guy a soda! Just tryna live his life, why you gotta talk smack!

Everything’s just a sham, lock boom bam…GONE!

That's fire. Damn, son. 

We agree: The wrong guy is in prison. 

If you need to hear more of Brad's hits, including "I Dropped My Phone in the Toilet," you can check it out here …  but we're not sure why you would.