Bears cannot be reasoned with. And they don't speak English. 

You might be having an awful Thursday, but at least a wild animal isn't destroying your only means of transportation right now. 

This poor lady was enjoying her solo kayaking trip from Ketchikan, Alaska to Petersburg, Alaska, and ran into a bear while chilling in Berg Bay. After saucing the beast with pepper spray, Mr. Bear decided to get his revenge. 

Having never run into a massive human-eating machine in the wild, we're not sure if we'd yell, "Bear, please don't eat my kayak!" or just run screaming. Probably the second option.

All we can really glean from this is that bears hate kayaks more than anything. If you travel into the backcountry this fall, don't go dressed in your kayak costume. 

The Internet was quick to insult, then support, and then needlessly sexually harass (like always).