Atta boy, Brocky!

It's going to be a long ass season next year if Brock Osweiller accepts The Broncos' $45 million deal the organization just offered up. We say this because we've yet to master the spelling of his last name (Osweiler, see we already fucked up in the first sentence) and given he's the driver of America's team, he'll no doubt find himself featured in headlines continuously. 

Yet we have to hold hope he isn't in them for the wrong reasons. After a recent scuffle he found himself in while grabbing a bite to eat at a local pizza joint in Scottsdale, AZ, however, we're not really all that worried about him going all Ray Rice/Aaron Hernandez on us or anything. Turns out the dude has a high level of chill even when he's about to pound down an entire 'za with a head full of booze.

Good on him for walking away and being the bigger man.