The New York-based act Highly Suspect dropped its new single "Lydia" in our mail the other day. And we just had to share it.

We get a lot of mail in our boxes each month (insert filthy box joke here). That revelation means only one of two things: We’ve either signed up for far too many mailing lists from consistently ordering things from the television at 4 a.m.; or people actually entrust in us their projects, and think we do a damn fine job in getting the word out about them to our readers.

M’eh … one out of two ain’t bad.

But we’re going to start giving more love to artists who aren’t lucky enough to live in Colorado. Because good music is good music, regardless the postal code attached to it.

Take for instance Brooklyn-based Highly Suspect. It consists of an aggressive trio of rock stand-outs who recently released its single “Lydia” — the first from its forthcoming album due out this summer. The guys work with such greats as Joel Hamilton (The Black Keys, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello) and are signed to the 300 Entertainment imprint — a new label from industry hitters Kevin Liles and Lyor Cohen. That kind of support always means: Pay attention.

Listen below and scroll past the embedded song for even more from the humbling act. We interviewed lead vocalist/guitarist/tattooed dreamboat Johnny Stevens about the band, the comparisons to Lenny Kravitz, and whether or not he thinks we’re saps (hint: we are).

Who is Highly Suspect, and why should Colorado pay attention?
We're the power trio you've been waiting for. Even if you didn't know you were waiting for a power trio. Even if you were specifically not waiting for a power trio.

I guess Colorado should pay attention because, when you hear us on the radio next month, you can tell your friends — with a bored expression on your face — that you already know who we are, and they are less than you because you read an interview on The Rooster that you weren't sure about (until your other friends form an opinion) — but you never admit to them that you were unsure until you know what their opinion is.

Then it’s up to you whether you want to agree, or intentionally disagree, with whatever their opinion is based solely on how it affects your coolness. Also, because we pride ourselves on just keeping it real. There is way too much disconnect between artists and their fans.

Fuck that, we want to know you and have you know us. And because you guys, and us guys, have the same opinions on marijuana. Way to step it up Colorado.

If you had to make a name for the genre you feel you represent what would it be and why?
Let’s call it, ‘Gangsta Rock.’ Can we do that?  [laughs]

We play rock and roll, but the backbeat speaks. I think we have a whole lot more rhythm and soul then your typical white guy music. That's just the truth. No offense to like, American Authors or whatever. I mean, shit, we're the only rock band on a rap and R&B label. Like when Slayer was on Def Jam. Maybe that's because the founder of our label happens to be one of the guys that ran Def Jam. Real recognize real.

When we first heard ‘Lydia’ we had to double-check to see it wasn’t Lenny Kravitz playing — do you get that comparison often?
[laughs] No … but we'll take it. Dude's a legend and a half. Who else gets to wear gold eyeliner and make flaming outfits for Katniss?

There seems to be a sappy undertone to the track; is it true then that outlaws have hearts?
You're sappy!

We hear you’re also proficient in graffiti? Are there any other hidden talents we should be aware of?
Rich (bass) can sneeze louder than anyone I know. Ryan can eat more than anyone I know. I want to convince him to enter an eating contest. I can fly.

Your bio says you’ve all played 800 shows in six years. Can we ask why you’d put yourself through such torment?
We love to play. We all agreed years ago that we were done landscaping and building houses. We put in the work. It meant we had to sacrifice a normal lifestyle. Sometimes we don't eat as much as we'd like, but we get to travel, meet super interesting people, cheer people up when they had a rough day etc. etc.

Also it doesn't matter what you do … in order to be successful in whatever endeavor you have to put the time in. Most importantly you have to do what you love. Otherwise what are you doing? You can’t help anyone if you're miserable. If you hate your job just quit. Tell them we said its ok.

What’s next for Highly Suspect?
This year is gonna be incredible for us. We're excited to return to SXSW this year for a bunch of shows. We will also be announcing the release date of our debut album very soon, but I cant tell you that today.

We also have some really big festivals lined up, and right now we are just putting together the tour schedule for the year. Our plan is to just do as much as we possibly can to travel and experience this world for what it is. Music is our vehicle.

Thank you The Rooster and Colorado for the interview. See you soon!!