Is Bubba making a comeback? Sweet, Beam-soaked kisses we sure hope he is! The alt-country / hip hop star is best known for his 2001 hit single “Ugly.” It garnered him a top ten BIllboard hit and featured the handiwork of the Midas-handed Timbaland himself. While his numbers since have been mediocre, at best, his new album “Pain Management” that dropped just this past Tuesday, is trying to change that.

The new single, “Bangin',” features rock artist Dan Rockett and is reminiscent of Sparxxx’s country-styled past. It’s got a twanged-out beat with his distinctive rhymes over the powerful, genre-stretching ballad. Think classic butt-rock meets the anti-establishment rhyme.

Said Sparxxx in a recent interview:

In my view, 'Bangin’' symbolizes the dual realities of my own hard-living and regained perspective, with the hope that the God of my understanding still values the good in me over the many mistakes I've made. Most people who knowingly live reckless still aspire to enter the pearly gates someday, hence the song's metaphorical embodiment of heaven as a night club, where the bill never has to be settled up.