A guy with several fake degrees literally just bought them online and now actually works at NASA. Yes, the space one …

College is expensive, time consuming and no longer really guarantees that individuals won’t be working at Chick-Fil-A after graduation. But, now there’s finally a solution on to obtain that important piece of paper by doing nothing more than just cutting a check. Bachelors, Masters, PhDs, you name it; virtually any degree you can think of can now be bought online through a little thing called a “diploma mill.”

Hello, Dr. You!

Currently, there are more than 3,300 unrecognized universities worldwide, many of them which are absolute frauds, touting a wide range of degrees to anyone willing to pay for them. One Pakistani bogus university, Axact, has reaped millions perfecting this scene. Another unnamed instiution Vice reported on is said to have sold more than 450,000 degrees (including: Bachelors, Masters doctorates, medicine, and law) to clients across the globe, all to people who simply wrote a check. Their revenues from this racket are astronomical; so far they’ve accumulated more than $450,000,000 by selling false degrees according to US government estimates.

Almeda University in Idaho is one of the leading peddlers of fraudulent degrees. With this specific ‘university,’ people can use previous years of occupational or life experience as actual credits for a degree of the person’s choosing. This essentially allows Alameda ‘students’ to just make up a field of study and major.

“Yeah, so that five years I have refreshing okra at The Sizzler, I’m going to just put that towards my degree in bioethics … Cool? Tight.”

Vice set forth the example of a representative that “wanted to convert five years working as a dishwasher in a prison cafeteria into a bachelor’s degree. Not a problem, for $599 that can be arranged.”

And it’s not just talking joe-schmos here looking to create credits out of  thin air and run off with a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities. These mills are printing much higher-level degrees like PhDs like they’re going out of style.
The number of PhD degrees earned annually by people going to real school in the United States is around 43,000. The number of fake PhDs bought each year from diploma mills exceeds 50,000. In other words, more than half of all people claiming a new PhD have a fake degree, according to the US government.

A little digging revealed that these frauds are even holding some fairly prestigious and technically challenging positions. A contractor who was on the books for NASA received both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Almeda, according to Vice.

Fake medical degrees are also seemingly ubiquitous. In 1990 a Congressional committee estimated that there were more than 5,000 fake doctors operating in the U.S. alone, and there are even more now. And that was before online universities were even a thing. Comforting

Well, you probably should go back to studying now and working two jobs to pay for that degree while simultaneously assuming unpayable amounts of debt. When times get tough, just remember there’s merit and pride in doing things the right way — Chick-Fil-A is and always will be hiring.

Have a blessed day!