Obesity – the silent killer

Today, obesity is clearly defined as a disease that is characterized by an increase in the amount of the fat in the body, to the extent that leads to health disorders and the emergence of numerous health complications. In recent years, especially in highly developed countries, obesity has shown a tendency of steady growth in all demographic groups. 

Stress, too many obligations, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity – all these are signs of an unhealthy way of life for a modern man. The fact that an average person today almost 20kg of weight is more than half a century ago tells a lot.

Complications that can be caused by extra pounds and enlarged fat tissue in obese people are numerous; heart failure, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, increased blood fat level, fatty liver, some forms of the malignant disease, sexual dysfunctions, fertility disorders, etc.

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Xenical Orlistat to the rescue

In people who are marked as obese, the smallest loss of excessive pounds can significantly reduce the risk of illness. There are various causes of overweight; it does not always have to be poor and abundant nutrition. Sometimes these are causes of a psychic nature, a hormone dysfunction or a disorder of the digestion process.

In these cases, the treatment of obesity implies the use of drugs. For people with BMI (body mass index) over 30, doctors and nutritionists recommend the Xenical therapy. This index says that it is mild obesity, with the tendency of severe health problems to arise, if it's not treated on time.

Xenical is a representative of a group of drugs for the treatment of obesity with "peripheral" activity. It means that its effect is achieved at the level of the digestive organs by binding to the pancreatic lipase. It significantly prevents the degradation of the fat to simpler forms and in this way reduces their resorption. 

Using Xenical Orlistat minimizes the amount of fat introduced by food, and thus the caloric intake. In the treatment of obesity, the doctor will prescribe this medicine once a day (a capsule of 120mg) with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is necessary to drink pills with a meal or at least 1 hour after the meal.

Conventional methods for weight loss include a change in diet and nutritional habits. Although modified nutrition can achieve short-term weight loss, very few patients can maintain weight loss and reduce risk factors for various illnesses only by changing lifestyle. Therefore, there is a need for efficient pharmacotherapy that will ensure long-lasting results.

Orlistat is an active ingredient in this medicine that can be used in the treatment of obesity in adolescents. Unfortunately, the number of people with significant overweight in this population is on the highest increase.

Also, the use of this medicine, regardless of the results achieved in body weight correction, can lead to an improvement in overall blood count and parameters, such as triglycerides and cholesterol, then lowering blood pressure, and improve insulin sensitivity.

Xenical Orlistat is not another miraculous pill

Though you may have noticed an incredible expansion of "magical" medication against excessive weight, promising unrealistic results in a short time, it is important to note that Xenical is the only registered medication for the treatment of obesity. In the process of research, there are over 300 new drugs, and while some of them do not get the use permit, Orlistat is the only substance on the positive list of drugs to treat this "epidemic" of the new age.

Xenical Generic is not a suppressant of appetite; its mechanism of action affects the digestive system. Its active ingredient, Orlistat, ensures that the body absorbs less fat from the food we eat, almost a third. As a result, calorie intake decreases, and the patient begins to lose weight.

People with BMI over 30 are in the risk group. Any doctor will recommend drug therapy if only a change in diet does not produce desired results. In these patients, a significant and sustained weight loss of pounds is needed as well as the damaged state of health repair. However, not everyone will decide to visit a doctor and start treatment. For those who are ashamed of their look, sometimes, the online purchasing of Xenical Orlistat is the only way.

Useful tips for online purchasing

Xenical Orlistat cannot be found in pharmacies for free sale but is only available on a prescription. If they belong to the category of obesity, and you do not have time to visit a doctor, or if you are not comfortable talking about your condition, you can also get this medicine online. 

However, with this purchase method, more caution is needed: buying drugs online can be risky for many reasons. Copies of medication like Xenical are often sold illegally on the Internet. You have to be well informed before you decide to buy the drug online. Here are some tips that you may find useful:

  • Each medicine that is on the online market should have a certificate; then, it is necessary that the composition of the drug be highlighted. 
  • Xenical must contain an exact dose of the active ingredient Orlistat (one capsule contains 120mg of this ingredient). The package contains 30 pills for daily consumption. Any other amount indicates that the drug is not original.
  • Pay attention to the web site selling Xenical. Registered online pharmacies doing business around the country invest a lot in their marketing. Therefore, the website where the drug is sold should look professional. If the presentation seems amateurish, or you can find grammatical errors and incomplete information, pass this offer. It's most likely a sale of cheap copies that can jeopardize your health.
  • The price sometimes really reflects the quality. Registered European pharmacies are mostly a guarantee of safe purchases. Make sure the site offers consultations and has customer service. Also, read the user experience if it is available.