On a first date, getting hammered can get you laid, but staying soberer could get you a relationship.

When daters down five or more drinks on a first date, the couple smashes half the time, according to an online survey from Alcohol.org, a site that promotes rehab.

Half! Drinking really is the social lubricant and an aphrodisiac — at least until you're puking on her shoes.

chart - more drinks leads to more sex

But that doesn't mean those nights end in a relationship. Only 11 percent of those hard-drinking dates land them a second date, the survey found.

That's a lot of mornings of the daters going, "What the hell did I do last night? I can never see this person again."

On the other hand, staying more sober won't help your pant stick get its gets in. If you and your date only guzzle two drinks, you're only 17 percent likely to have her groin find your loin. (Not a bad percentage, all things considered. That means the average person has sex on one out of every six first dates. Who are these casanovas taking these surveys?)

But keeping your drinking down could be your ticket to a longer, more fulfilling relationship, one in which you can look the person in the eyes in the morning.

First daters who swill only two drinks on the first date get the most second dates: 28 percent of the time.

chart - drinking on a first date

This data is from an online survey on Mechanical Turk, a site that pays folks to take surveys, and so it's not as scientifically accurate as, say, a Harvard research study.

But it does reinforce an old truism about first dates: get smashed if you want to smash, stay straighter if you want to be a long-term dater.

Down two drinks on your first date if you want to see the person; swallow five or more drinks if you're just wanting to hit and run.

Science. It'll help you (get laid).