Alto Gallery will be hosting, “Can I Kick It?” A group skate deck show curated by Lorenzo Talcott, featuring live performances by Brown Bombers and the Cosmosmiths, and the 303 Skateboards Pro Team, with the opening reception on September 1st, 6–10pm.

Hip hop, the vibrant cultural phenomenon that has captivated generations, is proudly commemorating its rich history and the Five Pillars that have shaped its identity. A celebration is underway, recognizing the indelible contributions of the Five Pillars of Hip Hop: MCing (rapping), DJing, graffiti (art), breakdancing (B-boying), and knowledge. This momentous occasion marks the continued influence and enduring impact of hip hop on music, art, fashion, and societal discourse worldwide.

From its humble beginnings in the South Bronx, New York, in the 1970s, hip hop has emerged as a global force, transforming music and inspiring countless individuals across cultures and continents. The Five Pillars embody the core elements that define hip hop, serving as the foundation upon which the genre has flourished and evolved. Each pillar represents a unique art form, together weaving the vibrant tapestry of hip hop culture.

MCing, or rapping, is the verbal expression that lies at the heart of hip hop. The poetic verses and lyrical prowess of MCs convey stories, emotions, and social commentary, giving voice to the unheard and challenging the status quo.

DJing, with its rhythmic beats and skillful manipulation of records, has been instrumental in creating the infectious soundscapes of hip hop. DJs are the architects of the genre, blending and mixing music to ignite the energy that fuels the culture.

Graffiti art, an essential pillar, adorns the urban landscape with vibrant colors and powerful visual narratives. It not only beautifies the streets but also serves as a canvas for artistic expression and social activism, reflecting the voices and experiences of marginalized communities.

Breakdancing, or B-boying, is a mesmerizing dance form that emerged from the streets, showcasing acrobatic moves, athleticism, and creativity. It embodies the spirit of competition, collaboration, and self-expression, captivating audiences around the globe.

Finally, knowledge forms the fifth pillar, emphasizing the importance of understanding hip hop’s roots, history, and socio-political context. Hip hop scholars, historians, and educators preserve and promote the genre’s legacy, fostering critical thinking and empowering future generations.

In celebration of these Five Pillars, a series of events, performances, and exhibitions will take place at Alto Gallery, uniting communities and paying homage to hip hop’s enduring influence. From live performances featuring legendary artists to graffiti art showcases and breakdancing, these festivities will showcase the talent, passion, and cultural significance of hip hop.

“We are thrilled to honor the Five Pillars of Hip Hop and commemorate the impact this cultural movement has had on society,” said Lorenzo Talcott, the event organizer. “This celebration is an opportunity to recognize the pioneers, the artists, and the activists who have shaped hip hop’s journey and continue to inspire us today. It is a testament to the power of creativity, the ability of art and music to bridge divides and bring people together.”

The Five Pillars of Hip Hop celebration will not only entertain and inspire, but it will also serve as a reminder of the resilience and strength of a genre that has defied boundaries and influenced popular culture worldwide. Join us in honoring hip hop’s vibrant legacy and its Five Pillars that continue to shape the world around us.

Date: Opening reception September 1st, 2023. Show runs through September 30th, 2023

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Location: Alto Gallery, 1900 35th St, Suite B  Denver, CO

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