A little girl can dream, can't she?

Petition this, petition that. Everywhere you scroll online now there's some sort of signature bank looking to change the world. Do they work? The jury's still out — but damnit if that slacktivism doesn't feel good sometimes.

As is the case with a recent Change.org landing page looking to once again bill the Broncos' football field as simply "Mile High Stadium." No Petco, no Walmart, no Flesh Tube or dispensary brand tacked to it, just a simple 'Mile High' and done. 

Which would be pretty cool, to see hundreds of thousands of Coloradans bind together for a cause — albeit a not very socially challenging one (the petition only has about 2,500 people supporting it thus far). And for it to work? Perfection. But let's be honest, does the organization really want to forgo many millions of dollars each year just to appease its fans? Unlikely, considering it's standard practice now in the NFL.

But it hasn't worked. The last two companies, Invesco and Sports Authority, have since gone bankrupt after throwing their respective logos on the building. The latter can't even make its payments right now, so in the end we're going to lose most of what was promised in the initial contract anyways through bankruptcy proceedings.

Fuck it, let's say it's cursed so no companies want to get down with us. Lies never hurt anyone. 

After all, it should be the fans' decision whether or not we let a company hang more ugly banners on home field. If it weren't for us, the stadium wouldn't be here. Our tax dollars paid for a large portion of it, so allowing us to choose (and also to have a lock-in adult slumber party there one night out of the season) isn't too much to ask.

But a little girl can dream, can't she?