Okay, so there's 'elfing yourself,' and then there's literally elfing yourself. One is a funny holiday website, the other is when you get your ears surgically altered to look like an elf. Guess which one gets more stares?

For most of us, that's what comes to mind when when we see the words 'elf yourself.' That's what we thought when we heard that 23-year-old Canadian model Melynda Moon had 'elfed herself.' We couldn't have been more wrong (cue ominous music.)

Instead of inserting her face into a dancing internet elf, Melynda had her ears surgically altered to look like a certain elven character from Lord of the Rings (cough, Orlando Bloom.) Watch and learn:

Melynda believes she was a fairy in a past life, and finds pointed ears to be "the most adorable thing."

"I have always had fantasies about what it would be like to be something other than human," she said. "So I decided to change my appearance to look supernatural." Not surprisingly, a lot of parents use her supernatural ears as a scare tactic to get their kids to behave.

We can see it now. "Be good little Timmy, or Santa's elves won't make you any goddamn presents this year." Brilliant.

And although we appreciate her transformation and think it's great that she has special ears now, we still prefer Will Ferrell's elf impersonation: