The job market is pretty rough, but there's finally a solution out there … 

So you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a education because you think it'll get you a better job. And after applying for a whole mess of jobs and getting rejected, what would you do? Keep trying? Apply at Subway? Rob a bank?

If you're like most red-blooded Americans, you could just sue the shit out of someone. 

That's exactly what Anna Alaburda is doing after graduating from San Diego's Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2008. She's nailing them for fraud, asking the school to pay for the $150,000 in tuition she owes, plus lost wages.

The law school claims she was just a lazy bitch and didn't try hard enough to get a job, which seems like a decent defense …

But her claim starts to look pretty legit after you examine the evidence. After sending her resume to 150 law firms, Alaburda says she received just one full-time job offer, and it paid less than offers in other industries. This is apparently after trying to get a job for eight years. What the fuck was she doing for money for that decade?

“It has taken five years,” says her lawyer, Brian A. Procel of Los Angeles. “But this will be the first time a law school will be on trial to defend its public employment figures.”

Other pissed off students have tried this in the past. In the last several years, 15 lawsuits have sought to hold various law schools accountable for publicly listing information critics say was used to pump up alumni job numbers by counting part-time waitress and other similar, full-time jobs as employment.

But only Anna's case is gonna see the light of day. 

It's nice to know you've got another option in case that Liberal Arts degree doesn't land you that dream job.