A Catholic advocacy group recently defrocked an Artificial Intelligence (AI) priest it called Father Justin after the AI gave some really weird answers.

Not to get off topic immediately, but did you know that defrocking means to deprive a holy person of their ecclesiastical status? Because after spring break in Myrtle Beach in 2018, we thought that it meant, uh… something else.

A group called Catholic Answers released Father Justin only to quickly remove the AI’s priesthood after it gave a variety of unsettling answers.

The AI, at one point, condemned masturbation as a “grave, moral disorder,” and honestly, it’s just nice to see that our robot overlords and our religious overlords agree on something for once.

Best of all,  prior to getting defrocked, the AI went on to tell a user that it was OK to baptize a baby in gatorade.

We don’t see what the big deal is. NFL coaches and players have spent the last 40 years getting baptized in Gatorade, and we’ve never seen those guys sin or disappoint God a day in our lives.