We're so high that we really love our country.

With the Fourth of July ahead of us this weekend, it's safe to say the whole country is excited to kick back, relax, and enjoy a little light xenophobia and potato salad.

However, not all 50 states can claim the same level of patriotic American sentiment this Independence Day.

According to a new survey from Wallethub, there are some grave discrepancies in how patriotic each state is. However, Colorado doesn't have much to worry about there, because we've just been ranked the fourth most patriotic state in the nation. Not bad for a bunch of hippie stoners who can't drive!

While American pride can come in many forms including number of Harley Davidson tattoos and alligator ownership, the study focused on 12 key metrics that quantify everything from military engagement, to voting habits, to civic education.

Colorado didn't medal when it came to these things, but by god, if someone from the podium dropped dead of a sudden, very American heart attack, we would.

Colorado ranked 10th on the list for the number of active-duty military personnel per capita, and 9th on the list for number of Peace Corps volunteers per capita. We also have the fifth highest percentage of residents who vote.

The most patriotic state in the country is Virginia, followed by Alaska and South Carolina. Because as we all know, patriotism is in this country is defined by inbred country people who love NASCAR. We don't need a fancy survey to tell us that. And we're also not that bummed we're not #1 because, well … NASCAR sucks.