It looks like there’s light at the end of the long, dark … extremely long and dark, tunnel. With society slowly coming back online and people sauntering out into the sunlight, dazed and confused, covered in Cheetos dust and mumbling plots from Netflix originals, we have reason to celebrate. 

Colorado’s beloved independent music venue Cervantes’ Masterpiece is offering music lovers the chance to purchase season passes to the venue AT A DISCOUNT. Sure, we don’t know when live shows will be in full swing or whether the months supply of zinc tablets we consumed during quarantine will have any effect at all, but for the love of everything holy, it’s good news. 

But wait, there’s more! Season passes come in different term lengths depending on the level of wook you want to be. Lengths range from the 12-month pass ($549, normally $699), the 6-month pass ($299, normally $399), and the why-even-leave-your-house 3-month pass ($149, normally $219). All of the passes come with a certain number of shows where you can bring your friend Karen along for free. 

Due to attention issues, we’ll just copy and paste the details from Cervantes’ people and let you decide for yourself if you want to support local business or not. No pressure. None. 

  1. Custom laminated card with name and picture that serves as a ticket to each show. 

  2. Guaranteed entry to all shows within the specified date range EVEN SHOWS THAT ARE SOLD OUT

  3. 3. Each pass allows the purchaser to bring a guest for a specific amount of events. 

  4. Limited number of passes are allotted for this sale. Sale runs now until supplies are gone. 

To get the discounts, enter the code SeasonPassDiscount when checking out. You can thank us later.