Though we appreciate the enthusiasm of taggers marking up our Colorado distribution boxes with thousands of illegible scribbles, it often makes them look like complete dog shit. Which is why we’ve employed the talents of local street artists Patrick McGregor (left above) and DINKC (right above), two solid visionaries who recently went above and beyond dressing the first drop in Rooster Magazine’s Art Boxes.

Blasting the sides with both roosters and his beloved bully named Bouguereau (“Boug” for short, RIP), Patrick McGregor’s distinct work can also be found statewide — East Colfax, Parker, Cheltenham Elementary in Denver and amongst other great street artists in the RiNo Art District.

And check out DINKC, giving a raw kind of love to the Rooster rock aesthetic. Bold. Hard. Fancy. Just like us. You can find his work plastered all over Denver as well — The Brutal Poodle, Lincoln Park Lounge, stretching 40 feet inside Bonza Bodies Fitness and in RiNo, just to name a few.

Making the world a more beautiful place, one box at a time.

Follow them on Instagram: @DINKC and @PatrickKaneMcGregor