Like, really hates them.

If you've been to this mall, you already know …

It's an oasis of wealth that 99 percent of us have no business being in; a shopping center catering to the rich. Some of us might pop in every December to see its extravagant holiday scenes, but the general sentiment is that none of us belong. We're not highfalutin enough for it. To further this, the Cherry Creek Mall announced it's going to be charging for parking. That is, it wants you to pay money before you go shopping. 

Sorry, poor people.

In its defense (in a somewhat half-assed manner), paying for parking is no different than going downtown, we suppose. As a city grows, empty spaces for stationary vehicles become more valuable, and from a statement by the mall, it appears that those same issues the inner city faces are spilling over into the Cherry Creek neighborhood because of recent developement and population boom.

“The center’s lots are heavily used by customers, but also by those not shopping at the center,” Nick LeMasters, Cherry Creek Shopping Center's general manager tells the Denver Post. “Our top priority is to make sure our customers have the best possible experience when they visit. This includes having easy access to parking and entrance to the mall, so the implementation of this parking program became essential.”

The first hour of parking is going to be free, then $3 for the next hour, then $1 for the third hour, and $2 per hour after that (confusing much?) — maxing out at a $16/day fee. 

Construction on the machines has already begun, but the fees won't come into effect until January of next year, so you have a few months to work extra hours of overtime or scrape the bottom of fountains before your next shopping spree.

No money, mo' problems …