They should have just let him finish his set …

After Chicago’s mayor banned rapper Chief Keef and his hologram from playing any shows in his hometown of Chicago, Keef responds by announcing his desires to run for mayor.

All Keef wanted to do was perform at a benefit concert for the family of Dillon Harris, a one-year-old who was killed in a hit-and-run, allegedly caused by the same man that had just shot and killed rapper Capo (a friend of Chief Keef's) in a drive-by shooting.

Ironically, Keef himself is wanted in Chicago for missing a DUI hearing session where he is accused of doing exactly what you would expect from a man with the last given-name of Keef — driving stoned. His current arrest warrant for missing his trial prevents him from physically visiting Chicago for the concert without being scooped up.  

But being the genius that he is, Keef decided if he couldn’t perform in person at the benefit concert, his hologram sure as hell could. So, using the best Star-Wars tech money can buy, Keef proceeded to take stage in Los Angeles and have his hologram transmitted to Chicago.

The benefit show reportedly went on for almost 6 hours before Chief Keef’s hologram had its moment to shine, but e-Keef was only able to perform one song before the cops pulled the plug — both literally and figuratively.

Chicago’s mayor tells WGNtv Keef’s set was cut short because his appearance in Chicago posed a significant safety risk to the people attending the show.


Although the concert had no reports of violence, Keef's hologram was shut down leaving the crow disappointed, but in peace. 

The defeat predctably left Keef discouraged — but the rapper vowed to move on. Showing everyone that if a city's government doesn't want a Chief Keef in their town, he'll just take it over from the inside out. Staring with the Mayor's office. 

But could you just imagine his political campaining adds? Seriously, just imagine his "Everyday" music video with more weed, money, flashy watches and a looseley assembled political agenda. 

We're in!