If you were given a budget of over $54 million to design a solar power plant, but also had a constantly nagging voice yelling, "Growing up is for nerds!" inside of you — what is it your final layout would look like?

Probably like a giant panda bear, yes? Unfortunately, the idea is already taken and was recently completed in Datong, China. It's the cutest damn power plant concept history has ever seen.

The project, one of many multiple ones just like it already in motion for future development, was built by China Merchants New Energy Group, a massive organization in China that supplies most of the clean energy available in the country. It's all part of its plan to reduce carbon emissions. "The electricity generated by the array is expected to contribute to the reduction of roughly 60,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year," claims PV Magazine.

And if that weren't enough, one of its goals is to teach future generations about the need for renewable energy (hence the childish design) — a one-two punch in making the future a more liveable place.

The downside? Snopes found that the above images are only conceptual renderings, with news organizations worldwide sharing the wrong photos of actual reality (of course they were). This photo below taken by drone was provided to Snopes from the company to show a more accurate depiction of what it looks like.

But whatever, right? Still a massive improvement from the beauty of this Canadian oil field:

[photo credit: Michael Williamson/The Washington Post]