Is this man the most brilliant pick-up artist of all time? Is this woman stupid? Read on, reader…Read on.

Huang Jianjun has come up with the best way to get laid in the history of coming up with ways to get laid: Penis exorcisms. All hail the Einstein of getting laid; the dude is clearly brilliant. Here is, the man of the hour…

He was arrested last week in China's Guangdong Province for convincing a woman that he could get rid of the 'evil spirits in her vagina' with his dick. To which she said, "Yeah, okay." Consent!

The victim allegedly sought out Huang, because he had been advertising himself as a "ghostbuster," Huff Post reports. She needed help seducing her boss, and attributed her inability to do so to pesky ghosts. So, they met up, and that's when Huang convinced her to have sex with him, because, as the Global Times said so eloquently,

The ghosts in her vagina were preventing her boss from falling in love with her- ghosts that only he could catch with his penis.

Makes sense- she was down. They were just about to perform the exorcism when, WHOOPS,  he remembered he had diabetes, which apparently prevented him from getting hard. So sadly, the penis exorcism never occurred. The woman felt gypped (her vagina was still full of ghosts, people), so she called authorities who were immediately like, "Get 'em, boys!" Diabetes saves the day again!

Can't wait to try this one out at the bar later…Who's with us?