In 2013, Chromeo promised us an album called White Women (don't ask) that would drop in 2014. We're still waiting on the full release, but we've got a new single from it called "Come Alive," featuring Chaz Bundick from Toro y Moi to tide you over, because we love you.

Chromeo's new single, "Come Alive" has all the funkiness and disco-era melodies you crave, but Chaz Bundick from Toro y Moi steals the shows with his swooning vocals. It's got a kind of Daft Punk "Get Lucky" feel, but feels a little grittier, like it would do better at a warehouse party than a summer cookout. So if you're getting sick of "Get Lucky," but looking for something to fill that 70's inpsired dance music void in your heart, this is the song for you.