The following describes a branch of the CIA’s highly secretive MK-Ultra mind control program, aptly named “Operation Midnight Climax.” You might not believe what you’re about to read, but trust me: it all happened, it’s documented and it’s part of this great nation's tin-foil history.

Operation Midnight Climax ran from 1954 to 1966. It was, on paper, an experiment in ‘asset-control.’

In practice, however, it involved the CIA dosing unconsenting Americans with LSD and other powerful psychedelics and watching them have wild, drug-fuelled sex at government-owned brothels.

All in the name of national security, of course.

Operation Midnight Climax was masterminded by Colonel George Hunter White — a pervert with a bad rap among intelligence communities and a real knack for naming covert ops. Under the guise of ‘research,’ White was given the authority to start randomly dosing people around San Francisco; slipping civilians acid in bars, at restaurants, on beaches, anywhere he could. The result: police officers holding up bars at gunpoint; Jazz singers having mental breakdowns on stage; families having full-blown freak-outs on public beaches.

However, the meat of White’s research wasn’t being done in public. The real kinky stuff was all going down at White’s official CIA safehouse affectionately referred to as “The Pad.”

On the outside, The Pad was your typical, unsuspecting San Francisco apartment. On the inside however it was a government-operated LSD-brothel and laboratory. The bedroom was bedecked with photos of bound and naked women and featured a prominent (one-way) mirror. Behind which, White and his CIA goons would watch as prostitutes plied unsuspecting Johns with acid (as well as psilocybin, mescaline, cocaine, AMT, DMT or some cocktail thereof) and then fucked them silly, as the agents made subliminal suggestions over an intercom: to kill or to harm specific targets, like John Lennon.

Perhaps not surprisingly, The Pad quickly devolved into something of a CIA frat-house. Agents would gather, to swill cocktails and watch average Joes, bent over backwards on drugs plowing women on the government’s payroll. White noted humorously in his journal that “eight-martini lunches” were often enjoyed by agents at the apartment, while “experiments” raged in the adjoining room.

Sadly for White, such fun couldn’t last forever. In 1966 the CIA closed its “bawdyhouses” and wrote the whole experiment off as an “abhorrent” failure.

But here’s the thing: when people finally found out about MK-Ultra in the early 70’s and started asking questions, the then-director of the CIA ordered a massive document purge — incinerating untold volumes of files on this project. The only reason anyone knows about anything about MK-Ultra today, is because the government missed a few thousand of them. All we know about this experiment in CIA mind-control came from those surviving documents.

Meaning, the vast majority of MK-Ultra’s other secret operations are lost to history. We’ll never know the full extent of this bizarre CIA project, or what other kinky, drug-fuelled experiments (like Midnight Climax) it operated.

*And, more than likely, which they’re still operating to this day under a new name.


MK-Ultra: Three Truths and a Propaganda

Can you spot the falsehood?

1) The CIA also operated a mental hospital in Canada under MK-Ultra, known as “the Allan Memorial Institute.” It was recognized as the most reputable psychiatric hospital in Canada… except in reality, it was just another drug-fuelled laboratory where mad scientists experimented on unconsenting Canadians with drugs, electroshock therapy and sleep deprivation.

2) Many of the torture techniques developed in various MK-Ultra projects are still in use today — at Guantanamo Bay, where “enhanced interrogation" is the name of the game.

3) The infamous QAnon Shaman (who is still rotting behind bars for storming the US Capitol) was previously a test subject in voluntary university drug studies on “subliminal programming.” Those studies were government funded, and exposed their subjects to bizarre psychological experiments.

4) In a race to develop psychic spy soldiers before the Ruskies, the US military started a secret branch known as the “Stargate Project." Soldiers, trained in the paranormal were arts of psychic combat, could kill goats with a glance and remotely view rooms from across the world. This was the precursor to what became MK-Ultra.