Clinton Sparks usually sets himself comfortably as the guy behind the guy. He’s produced artists the likes of Akon, Rick Ross, T-Pain and Lady Gaga in his fruitful career, and has been quickly becoming one of the most sought after collaborators for music elite.

But staying in one place is hardly what Sparks requires. He also hosts a world-wide, award winning syndicated radio spot called “My Awesome Radio Show” and is co-founder of the largest mixtape website out there,

So what’s he doing making his own music? Well, we’re guessing he just got bored with the whole Grammy nomination, star image thrusting, making tons of money thing that he’s become accustomed to. He’s preparing for a 2014 release of all-original solo work and has recently divulged to us the video for the first single off of that collection titled “Stay With You Tonight.”

Says Sparks of the new video and song:

I wanted to make something aggressive because I knew it would be a great contrast to the desperate and vulnerable lyrics I had.