As the holidays creep in and the snow slowly begins to return, it’s high time for the return of everyone’s favorite wintertime Front Range activity.

Skiing and snowboarding? Nah. Festive day drinking? Close, but still no. 

We’re talking, of course, about the ultimate winter activity: sitting bumper to bumper two hours from your house on I-70 as you stare at your dashboard and wonder why you use the precious hours of your meager 48-hour weekend to sit nestled among the vehicular ranks of tourists and other members of the rat race.

Indeed, is there any better way to spend the early morning hours of a Saturday than with glazed eyes softly staring into the red glare of illuminated brake lights in front of you, as your thoughts lazily shift between whether skiing is even worth it anymore and gassing your car into oncoming traffic?

Golden-based Bluegrass band Rapidgrass hit the metaphorical nail on the auditory head with their song “I-70.”

With references to smoking reefer AND out of state plates, this song is a personal attack to any Coloradoan who knows all too well what they’re getting themselves into at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning. 

Although the song and music video were released in 2017, we’re just now slowly getting around to it, just like the Colorado Department of Transportation’s infrastructure plans.