What if we hate Trump but love meth? 

Looking for a new rental pad this spring but support Donald Trump and his antics? Well, there’s one less house on the market for your outlandish points of view, according to one landlord out of Grand Junction.

Mark Holmes welcomes all dogs and pets into his rental, but he’s not willing to budge on any supporter of Trump's presidential candidacy. Holmes, who rents out the downstairs portion of his Grand Junction home, listed the following ad on The Nickel, a classifieds site:

“[Trump is] preaching hate and he’s preaching … a lot of venom, spit and vinegar,” Holmes told the Sentinel on Saturday. “And I live in the top part of the house. I don’t want anybody that even thinks that Donald Trump can be a good president to live in my home.”

It’s ironic that Mr. Holmes condemns the spit and vinegar discriminating tactics of Trump, yet turns around and offers up a form of discrimination toward renters of his beautiful abode.

We’re almost certain Grand Junction resident, Arvid Mosnes, won’t be allowed to rent this property after she created a billboard depicting Donald Trump as a Dragonslayer for the people. The billboard showed a cartoon of Trump battling a dragon, with the beast covered in labels including “PC Marxist Muslim Media,” “BLM,” “GLBT,” “EPA,” “NSA” and “IRS,” as well as “Libtards” and “RINOs.” Billboard-Trump wears a suit of armor and wields a sword labeled “Constitution.”

Ok Arvid, that’s maybe crossing the line a little bit.

But is this legal? According to the Fair Housing Act, discrimination against political affiliation isn't covered. See people, always read the fine lines. You too could be missing out on a prime discrimination opportunity that’s possibly right in front of your eyes.

Seriously, even if this frustrates or excites you, does anyone really want to live in Grand Junction?