As if you didn't have enough to worry about …

Living in mountainous Colorado has always been a bit like living in a National Geographic documentary. Run-ins with bears, deer, coyotes, mountain lions, lynx and plague-ridden groundhogs are just a few of the regular challenges we face in order to live somewhere this beautiful and wild. However, in this state, man and beast usually figure out a way to live harmoniously. 

But now, a special type of animal is upsetting the balance and creating problems for Coloradans: really pissed-off moose.

Colorado's moose population is currently exploding, and the things have taken a particular liking to ski resorts where they are reportedly threatening the good times of skiers. Winter Park in particular has reported more than a few incidents of problematic moose interactions in which a moose appeared on a ski slope and got all bitchy and territorial about it.  Moose have also been spotted at Steamboat, prompting ski patrollers at both ski areas to install fun signs like "May Charge," "Seek Escape Route" and "Moose Don't Shoo!"

And while the 800-pound animals usually don't attack, Colorado wildlife managers and ski resorts are urging people to give the animals space. They can get quite ornery, especially now that there are more of them; territory becomes more of an issue for them as their population increases. Plus, most wild animals don't like it when you hurtle towards them at an unnatural speed then eat shit on your snowboard like 12 feet from their face.

Steamboat spokeswoman Loryn Kasten told the Denver Post, "We're encouraging people not to take selfies with them. And we're actively encouraging our guests not to ski past a moose but to stop and wait until they move on," Kasten said. "You never know how a moose is going to react. It is not a matter of moose being fast. Moose are big. They can be mean. They're very much a wild animal."

As if you didn't have enough to worry about.