Let us fluff your pillow for you too, by all means. Comfortable?

We've given you an Instagram worthy place to live, feed you with world-renowned cuisine, get you high and flip your foul moods with the best craft beer in the world. Are you happy yet, Colorado transplants?

No? Well how about this: Denver’s KWGN-Channel 2 is adding a late-night broadcast to satisfy the needs of relocated east coast and west coasters that are used to getting their local news damn near at the end of the day. 

Launching Sept 12, the new block is akin to what people are used to coming from places like LA or New York — cities that rarely sleep. As of right now, it will be the only place in Denver to get local this-n-thats late-night.

“I was raised in Colorado, but I’ve lived on the east and the west coasts,” says Holly Gauntt, vice president of News and Digital Content for KWGN, in a press release. “I know people on both are used to getting their news at 11 p.m.. With all of the people moving to Colorado, we want to give our viewers news when they’re used to getting it.”

Anything else, transplants? Maybe a mint? Posession of our dogs? Complete and abject submission to your every demand!?

So needy.