The goofy red head that made red hair bearable just extended his late-night contract with TBS until November 2015. While NBC and CBS debate over what's next following Leno and Letterman retirement, TBS has locked down Conan in an attempt to gather the young viewership and solidify their place in late night television. Conan leads all late-night hosts with an average viewership age of 38.7 years-old compared to Fallon's average age of 53.3 and Leno's of 58.1. But TBS isn't concerned with the TV following as much as his online presence. Conan's online army consists of 2 million Facebook fans and 8.3 million twitter followers. Let's face it, it's hard not to love Conan. His comedy is simple, natural, and awkward. And he's much better than Leno and Letterman.