"It was at that moment that I decided no matter what the cost I would get an art studio and work full time towards my goal of becoming an artist … "

– A/S/L?

– Any Nicknames?
"Big Sexy"

– Beer, Spirits or Wine preference?
"Rum, Hard Cider, or Red Wine"

– Favorite Month:
"June. You can't beat that weather."

– Last question Googled?
"What new features does the new Macbook Pro have? (I was hoping it had a touch screen built in for digital art.)"

– Why did you become an artist?
"In college I chose to challenge myself and make art as big and expressive as I possibly could.

I remember in my final painting class I made a painting that was 10' tall and 18' long. I worked on it for weeks and all night the day before it was due. My teacher was so offended by the work that during my critique she called me lazy and said that it belonged 'in a dumpster in some alley somewhere.' It was at that moment that I decided no matter what the cost I would get an art studio and work full time towards my goal of becoming an artist. Five months after I graduated I had a studio in downtown Denver."

– Who influenced you along the way?
"Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best artists in Denver. I'm lucky that a lot of people with different skills and a lot more talent than me have been so willing to show me their process and collaborate."

– Does your toilet paper go over the roll or under?
"Over, of course."

– Preferred medium(s)?
"Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Printed Vinyl, Acrylic Paint, Wood"

– Strangest thing you've ever made art on?
"It's a three-way tie between a vaporizer, vending machine, and basketball backboard."

– Any advice for aspiring artists?
"In my opinion you have to know how to do everything if you want to be a good artist.

For instance if you want to be a photographer don't just stop at buying a camera and pressing a button – learn everything about that camera, learn how to run other cameras, learn how to use photoshop, learn how to expose film, learn how to print digitally, learn how to frame, learn how to communicate with clients, and learn how to run your business. It doesn't really matter what type of art you choose to do as long as you take it as far as you can and truly enjoy what you do."

– What artists do you look up to — both on a local level and national?
"I have a lot of respect for local legends Scot Lefavor, Markham Maes and Mike Graves. Those three guys have done a lot of great work throughout the years and they don't really get the credit or attention they deserve. On a national level, I really enjoy what Shepard Fairey, Android Jones and James Jean have been able to accomplish with their careers."

– Shameless plug:
Instragram: @nickhughesart